The tables have turned. No longer is there one job opening for every six unemployed job seekers, giving employers their pick of qualified job candidates. Instead, today’s job market favors the job seekers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are now only 1.7 candidates for every job opening.

Add to these numbers the complexity that goes with online search, social media, the ease of information sharing and the myriad job boards available to healthcare professionals, and the job of recruiting becomes even more challenging.

Because job seekers now have less competition, employers now have more. And with patient demand growing faster than Registered Nurses, Physicians, Allied Health, or Advanced Practitioner supply, jobs will continue to outgrow the number of Registered Nurse, Allied Health, or Advanced Practitioners to fill them.

Whether you are growing your staff or replacing providers, our services can help you minimize the financial impact of Registered Nurses, Physicians, Allied Health, and Advanced Practice shortages.

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