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At Fletcher Hawkins we offer hospitals and healthcare systems a mechanism to procure the best talent IN the market versus the best talent ON the market. 

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What We Do

At Fletcher Hawkins we realize that Registered Nurses, Physicians, Allied Health, and Advanced Practitioners set the image of the hospital in your community. A Registered Nurse, Physician, Allied Health, or Advanced Practitioner vacancy means lost revenue and lost productivity.

Your facility and its staffing needs are unique. And at Fletcher Hawkins, so is our personalized approach. We work harder to get to know you, your facility, and the healthcare professionals we place so we can deliver a provider who’s right for both you and your patients.

Fletcher Hawkins has been an industry leader since 2009 because we invest significant resources to screen candidates before presenting our client opportunities. This way clients avoid spending valuable time pre-qualifying candidates; excessive interview expenses and the opportunity cost of lost revenue each month the position remains open.

The average Fletcher Hawkins Registered Nurse, Physician, Allied Health, and Advanced Practitioner has 7.4 years of experience. 

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Fletcher Hawkins 4-year annualized retention rate is 92.6% 
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Fletcher Hawkins average time-to-fill a contract is just 29 days.
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Fletcher Hawkins conducts over 500 searches annually, 75% of which are in communities with a population of less than 50,000.

Key Outsourcing Principles

The first key sourcing principle to consider is that Nursing, Physician, Allied Health, and Advanced Practitioner recruitment is not an event, it is a process, and the process never ends.

Another key sourcing principle is that you should not rely too heavily on any one particular method of contacting candidates.

The third principle is what we broadly refer to as the “boots on the ground.” Regardless of how many ads you run, jobs you post online, or letters you send, at some point someone must get on the phone and talk to candidates.”

Our search consultants generate over 140,000 monthly calls resulting in over 405,000 candidate contacts which allows us to have one of the largest proprietary databases of Registered Nurses, Physicians, Allied Health, and Advanced Practitioners looking for new opportunities.

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